The Winter that Keeps on Giving

By Forrest Shearer

Looking out a cafe window during a mid-morning meeting on Tuesday it was hard not to daydream. It was raining hard. I had a feeling that it wasn’t time to hang up my splitboard just yet. It was June 17th and I hadn’t seen fresh snow in weeks. Will it be cold enough to snow?

With an inside scoop I received a photo of the plaza deck at the Bird. It wasn’t just any photo, it was a powder photo. The kind that gets you all squinty eyed trying to closely examine how much snow is up there. It was snowing hard up in the mountains and that was a good enough for me.

I called up photographer Andrew Miller that night and some how convinced him to dig out his shred gear and join me for a tour at Alta early the next day. Trust me, I said…

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TR: Home, Sweet Home. Baker>Index>Rainier

By Liz Daley

Conditions were great for skinning, firm and fast. (Split-crampons are essential for spring touring on the volcanoes). The crevasses were really big, bigger than I’ve seen them in previous springs and the glacier has changed a lot in the last two years since I had been up the CD. You can easily avoid most big cracks but spring and early summer is the perfect time for those snow bridges to be getting thinner and thinner so a rope, harness, crevasse rescue skills and smart partners are essential. If you don’t have basic crevasse rescue and glacier travel skills, I offer courses through the American Alpine Institute up on Mt. Baker… 

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Snowboarding Doesn’t Get any Steeper than this Crazy First Descent | Long Live Roch!, Ep. 11

By Roch Malnuit

Recently the team found a new route with perfect conditions near the Aiguille de l’Aigle (on the Miage glacier on the Italian side of Mont Blanc). They had watched the line for a long time but it wasn’t until this video that conditions and opportunity finally lined up.

Having trouble watching this video? Visit EpicTV

TR: Girls Gone Wild AK Style

By Liz Daley

The past five years I’ve saved all my pennies to get to Chamonix and going to Alaska just seemed out of the question. I always thought, “Alaska couldn’t be much radder than the Alps could it? A girl just can’t have it all.” I tried to remain content with staying in the Alps, which I totally was… BUT this year I got lucky and decided to go find out for myself what the BFD was with AK. And boy oh boy Alaska did NOT fail to deliver…

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Late Season in the Dolomites

Patagonia snowboarders Mitch Toelderer and Bibi Tölderer Pekarek sent a few photos from a 700-meter, 50-55° couloir they rode recently in the Dolomites with their buddy from Innsbruck, Max Zipser. From Mitch: 

Last year we had to turn around because of lack of snow/icy conditions and the loss of daylight but this year’s big winter in the Dolomites offered great conditions to try it again.

You can watch helmet-cam footage from last year on Mitch’s blog.

TR: Petit Mont Blanc: Couloir versant NE

By Liz Daley

Knowing there could still be more pow hiding and knowing that if there was it wouldn’t be good for much longer, [Caroline, Tom and I] decided to head to Italy, the land of milk, honey, and 3,000 ft. north-facing couloirs the next day. This may have been a cocktail-influenced decision, only time would tell, but I couldn’t wait to get back in this awe-inspiring zone nonetheless… 

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